Zebronics Max Pro Review Worthy First Mechanical Keyboard


Mechanical keys are a good investment. Whether you are playing or typing, the satisfaction of typing on these switches is highly addictive. The prices of these keyboards, considered luxury items a few years ago, have decreased significantly over time. Therefore, more people now have access to keyboards with mechanical switches. Although pass away caused a wave of mechanical keyboards on the market, large keyboard manufacturers also began to lower prices. The problem with these inexpensive mechanical keyboards sold in online marketplaces is Quality Assurance. Your new inexpensive mechanical keyboard can last for four to five years or stop working next month. This is why a Warranty is a must before choosing. Despite this, Zebronics entered the field of mechanical keyboards in 2016 with the Zebronics Max TKL. Knock-Off or MX compatible Outemu mechanical switches were used, with minor changes to Cherry’s design. After the Max, they released the Zebronics Max Plus, a full-size keyboard. Their recent keyboard is the Zebronics Max Pro, which uses more durable switches illuminated by RGB lighting. Should you spend your hard earned money on the Max Pro for your first mechanical keyboard? Let’s find out.


Keyboard size: Standard, numeric keypad included (104 keys)
Backlit keyboard: RGB
Switch type: mechanical (Outemu Blue 50-million life cycle)
Polling rate: 1000Hz( 1ms)
Rollover key: rollover complete key
Interface: USB 2.0
Dimensions: Width 44.62 cm, Length 16.98 cm, Height 3.79 cm
Cable length: 1.8 m
Weight: 1.3 kg
Warranty: 1 Year

Build quality and Design

For its price, the Zebronics Max Pro offers surprisingly superior build quality. The steel top frame does not show any type of Flex, while plastic is used for the rest of the body. It’s not too bulky, but it still offers the weight of a sturdy mechanical keyboard. The top frame design is minimal with a rough textured coating and the brand logo on the bottom right.

The Max Pro has a floating cap design, which means there is no extra layer of plastic on top and around them. Not only does it look better, but the open design also makes it easier to remove keycaps and clean the keyboard.

A trend towards the use of double Shot injected keycaps on entry-level mechanical keyboards also continues with this one. The only advantage they offer is a longer life of captions or characters on keycaps compared to laser engraved ones. They are still made of ABS plastic, just like other high-end keyboard manufacturers. Almost all keycaps had a pre-listening tight fit on the switches and even after a rigorous typing did not jump out, was not all high-end manufacturers can boast. The reason for this is the use of good quality keycaps, especially keycaps with thick rods. We have observed that cap rods that are not tight enough jump easily when striking.

For many, the font before keycaps can be trivial, but for some it is important. Since the keyboard is intended for an audience of gamers, the font has a different design. Although most of the letters and numbers appear to be a front neutral sans serif font, few of them are Gamer-y.

The cable is braided and sturdy enough to handle rough handling. For cable management, Zebronics has installed two velcro strips at the end of the USB port. Speaking of connector, it is gold plated and should prevent rust in the long term.

On the bottom there is sufficient rubber padding to prevent slipping when using the keyboard. The stretchy feet have a rubber base, but the feet are slightly thin.

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