Samsung Galaxy A9 128gb Review


When reviewing the Galaxy A7 (2018), we found that Samsung used the A-Series Smartphones as a test bed for new features. The A7 was the first to offer a three-camera setup, and now a series of leaks and rumors suggest that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 series will also offer three-camera cameras. Samsung also followed the Galaxy A7 with the Galaxy A9, the world’s first Smartphone with a Quad camera setup on the back. Now, there is an ongoing debate about whether plugging more cameras into the phone is considered an important innovation, but Samsung’s marketing machines would like to convince you. We used the Samsung Galaxy A9 for a long time, tested the performance and took all kinds of photos with The camera. The versatility that the Galaxy A9 offers in smartphone photography was impressive, but was the quality as good as you’d expect from a high-end Galaxy phone? Let’s find out.


It’s not just the cameras that are new in the Galaxy A9. Samsung also used a gradient for the first time on a Galaxy phone, and it certainly looks refreshing. The Design that Millennials will love was what Samsung was looking for, and it hit the mark with the new color treatment in the Galaxy A9. The Galaxy A9 is especially recognizable by the fairly large camera module, but also by the color finish. The A9 comes in a bright Bubblegum pink with pink and red tones. Then there’s the lemon blue we received for review, and it looks refreshing. Samsung has also retained a no-frills black Variant for those who do not prefer such whimsical colors. Now, while the phone looks good when you take it out of the box, after an hour the back was stained with fingerprints. You get a matter in the retail box that is also useful to keep the phone clean. The fact that there is a glass panel on the back automatically reduces durability, because it can break if it falls out of your hand.

The Galaxy A9 is not a phone that you can easily use with one hand. It has a huge footprint that is wide and extends to over 6.3 inches and is not quite ergonomic to use. I used the phone as a daily driver for a few days and had particular difficulties commuting when I normally had only one free hand. Despite its huge size, the fingerprint sensor on the back is easily accessible. It is conveniently placed in the middle of the back panel and has also been very responsive.

While the form factor is certainly important, the screen itself takes up most of the real estate up front. There are large but not intrusive borders at the top and bottom and really thin on the sides. More impressive is the fact that Samsung has stubbornly opposed the use of the notch, and the Galaxy A9 has a transparent and uninterrupted panel with components such as the proximity sensor, headphones and front camera that are flushed on the top panel.

The gradient design has been exaggerated by Chinese phone makers such as Honor and Oppo, but Samsung’s first offering is a commendable effort. Maybe the next Galaxy S10 will have something similar?


The Samsung Galaxy A9 has a fairly large screen that adheres to the old 18:9 aspect ratio. Samsung packed 1080 x 2220 pixels with 393 pixels per inch. The pixel density is lower than most phones in this price range, which is sometimes evident when you take a closer look at the background image. You can see strips where one color turns into another. However, watching videos on YouTube and Netflix is a good experience. The Super AMOLED panel increases contrast levels, so the videos look pretty vivid and rich.

We recorded a maximum brightness of 671 Lux, similar to the other high-end phones we tested last year, including the OnePlus 6T, while the minimum brightness dropped to 3 Lux, which is low enough to read comfortably in the dark. Samsung is known for producing good displays, and the Galaxy A9 is another example. It’s a well-optimized panel and while it lacks the high pixel density that makes panels like the OnePlus 6T look much sharper, it more than makes up for that in terms of color rendering. It is Widevine L1 certified, which allows you to stream videos from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in FullHD resolution. The large screen is particularly suitable for watching content and playing.

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