Plantronics Backbeat Fit 305 Review


Recently, due to changing user behavior and requirements, a certain informal subcategory of headphones has become increasingly noticeable. This category refers to wireless sports headphones designed and built to meet the needs of a fitness enthusiast who prefers features such as good construction, ruggedness, sound insulation instead of fidelity. The Backbeat FIT 305 is designed for exactly this end-to-end population. How does it meet its requirements? Let’s find out.

Design and construction

As always, here the sports headphones really need to shine. We are not saying that audio does not matter to you, but if the version is not suitable for active use, you will probably be rejected right out of the box. It is safe to say that the Backbeat FIT 305 is unlikely to suffer this fate due to its sports-oriented design and construction.

The design is IPX5 certified and includes a P2I coating to protect you from sweat, rain and spill damage. The cable is a braided piece of nylon, with reflective material woven into it, making it easily identifiable at night. Also, due to the nature of the fabric, it does not cause as much friction on the skin as a rubber coating. We do not quite know if this is due to the coating, but the FIT 305 headphones are very likely to attract dust.

The control module is located a few inches below the right headphones, which seemed to be the perfect place for you, except when you start running. Make sure you use the included clip to hold the 305 in place. The only problem with the module is that the buttons, despite the special shapes + and -, are a little hard to detect by touch alone. Perhaps the raised platforms for the three buttons would have been a better choice.

Plantronics made a strange choice on the 305 by providing the buds themselves with built-in silicone end caps and wings. Although they are quite sturdy, if you tend to wear your headphones frequently, this could be a problem, since it is not easy to replace them with similar headphones for the 305. In addition, for the same reason, they do not have the opportunity not to use the wings. Another problem with the design of the FIT 305 is that the residual noise of the brush yarn is transported directly into the ear against everything. Although it is not too obvious during music playback, it is a bit too loud for us at other times.

The added clip is convenient and indispensable during training, if you want to ignore the presence of the cable and control module around the neck. Although passive isolation is not great, it is not half bad either. Just make sure you get the right headphones for your fit. We blame the strange design of the headphone sleeves. Also, don’t expect them to mix well in a work environment – these are obviously colorful workout headphones for the gym and jogging track.

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