Epson Ehtw650 Review a Fantastic 1080p Projector


One of the most important decisions when building a home enjoyment system is to invest in a projector or a large-screen TV. As TVs get better and better with backlight technology, going beyond the 55-inch screen size can be an expensive business. On the other hand, projectors, while expensive, can give you a really great screen experience compared to TVs. However, until a while ago, to really enjoy a projector, you had to dim the light, connect a series of speakers and make sure you invested in a screen. There is also debate about whether to go 4K or stick with 1080P when it comes to a projector. While we reviewed the BenQ W1700 projector, a 4K projector, and you can read our review here, the price is almost the same as a 55-inch 4K TV. Today we have The Epson Eh TW-650-a Full HD projector.


Projection technology: RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system
White light output (Normal/Eco): 3,100 lm / 1,925 lm
Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1
Vertical / Horizontal Keystone: ±30° / ±30°
Auto Keystone: Yes (Vertical)
Horizontal Drag Keystone Correction: Yes
Quick Corner: Yes
Dimensions without foot (W x H x D): 302 x 87 x 249 mm
Weight: about 2.7 kg
Output Sound: 2W Mono


Speaking of the construction of the Epson Eh TW-650 projector, everything is made of plastic with the connectivity options that are neatly arranged on the back. At the top, directly in front, you have a sliding door to project the lens. You also have the focus and Zoom switch here. The top of the projector also houses all the buttons such as Home, Source, Power, Menu, Volume, enter, Escape and Keystone. The connections are arranged in an orderly manner at the rear. In terms of connectivity, they have a USB-A port and a USB type B port. They also have The traditional RCA input with a VGA port and an HDMI port. The connectivity options are many, but I miss the Audio output options. Since I do not have a home theater setup, I would have liked to be able to connect my speakers to the projector via 3.5 mm or RCA or optical or other Standard. Granted, most people who invest in a projector are looking for an AV receiver or soundbar with ARC to help solve this problem, but some old-school audio outputs would have been appreciated.

Back to construction, this is what you’d expect from a projector-sturdy plastic all around, vents for cooling and adjustable legs if you decide to place it on a table stand. The projector is lightweight and weighs less than 3kg, making it portable if you want to put it in your pocket and take it with you. It’s not Portable, say, but you can carry it if you want.

Overall, the construction of the Epson Eh TW-650 is simple, solid plastic with almost no Flex all around. The only doubt I have with this is the lack of audio output options.


The projector comes with a remote control in the box and the projector itself has an IR receiver on the back and front. This makes it convenient to use the remote control by pointing it near the projector and not directly at what is convenient. The remote control itself is of traditional design. It is thick, which adds to the handle and all the buttons are neatly arranged and easily accessible with one hand. You have commands such as source at the top, followed by playback and menu commands, as well as Navigation and other settings. The buttons on the remote control are rubbery and get the job done. It’s functional, which is important in this matter, and I just wish it was backlit. This would facilitate its use in the dark.

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