Corsair M65 Rgb Elite Review


If you’ve spent a lot of time with gaming mice over the years, you might be familiar with the Corsair M65 mouse and its iterations. It had a unique design when the sniper button was introduced years ago. Although it may not have been helpful, it served as a new way to play FPS games. The sniper button has also been adopted by other gaming mouse manufacturers and they continue to be present in the market. Corsair did the same and now they’ve updated the M65 series with a new custom-made optical sensor in the M65 RGB Elite. Although most of the other aspects have been retained, we will consider them all in this journal.


Sensor Type: Optical
Sensor: PMW3391
Maximum DPI: 18,000
Query rate: 1000Hz
Switch Type: Omron D2FC-F-K (50M)
LED lighting: RGB
Cable Length: 1.8 m
Dimensions: width-7.66 cm, Length-11.65 cm, height-3.92 cm
Weight: 97g (weight removed)
Warranty: Two Years

Features and accessories

All the basic features expected in a premium gaming mouse are present on the Corsair M65 RGB Elite. Apart from these, there are some features that we will talk about before delving into the rest.

Starting with the sniper button, if you were not aware, it allows you to better control the target while playing FPS games. How does he do that? By dropping the DPI of your mouse while the button is pressed. If your mouse has 800 DPI and you press the sniper button, then in some mice the DPI drops to 400 or even 200. Note that you need to hold down the button, since it is not a switch. Of course, you can adjust the DPI level to your liking by using Corsair iCUE software. The advantage of all the buttons that are programmable is that when you are not playing, you can reassign or disable the sniper button with another function. Some design changes were also made to the sniper button, as well as the front and rear buttons. Now they are closer to each other and easier to reach.

The freedom to adjust the weight of your mouse is great, especially if you have specific needs for different use cover. For example, if you play FPS games, you may want to reduce the weight, while in MOBA games, you may prefer a heavier mouse. The M65 RGB Elite has three adjustable WEIGHTS that can be unscrewed with a screwdriver or a coin with the corresponding header. Being slightly heavier forward, you can also remove the front weights to get a better balance. Previously, the M65 pro RGB weighed at least 115g. This time, the weight on the M65 RGB Elite can be reduced to 97g.

A sensor upgrade is always expected when a product is updated. You will find the new optical sensor PMW3391, which has on the M65 RGB Elite the same sensor as on the Corsair IRONCLAW RGB. It is a custom optical sensor built in collaboration between Corsair and sensor manufacturer PixArt. It can go up to a maximum of 18,000 DPI and can be increased or decreased in increments of 1 DPI. You can go through up to five DPI levels using the buttons at the top of the mouse, where the values can be adjusted using iCUE.

Durability in gaming mice is important because they would break the buttons badly. That’s why Corsair chose Omron switches that hold up to 50 million clicks. You can be sure that these switches will last for several years, unless they are already defective from the very beginning.

As for the normal bells and whistles, the mouse supports RGB lighting in two areas – the Corsair logo and the scroll wheel. Lighting effects can be controlled with iCUE. Other parameters such as surface calibration, macro recording, query rate, firmware upgrades, custom profiles, built-in profile storage (one profile), etc.are also enabled by the software. Most of the premium features found on a gaming mouse are covered by the M65 RGB Elite.

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